miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008



Is hard to believe over a thousand rainy nights have passed

And is not over tonight

Many years have passed but

Having u in my thoughts bring me pain

And sometimes I feel I can’t make it through the night

And can’t hide it through my eyes

I can’t let go of u until

I see u one more time

I know is not possible and

My sorrows can’t bring u back

I feel that you were not the one who left me

I was the one who did

Without saying a last goodbye

I did say those painful words but

Thinking I was going to see you again

But like every human I was wrong

Now I make a promise that I would go back were you rest

To land where on we share happiness

And say goodbye for one last time

But never forget you

And with a tear in my eyes I will say goodbye

One last time


I been down these roads before

Just waiting for me to fall

When I see the world around me fading to black

It doesn’t seem just right

Walking the deadly paths ahead

Just seems to be my only way

To keep my hopes alive

People talk about seeing the white light when death is near

But how can it be possible when death is just a dark cold place

How can death be symbolize with a simple color

When is just pain