miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2008


Is hard to believe over a thousand rainy nights have passed

And is not over tonight

Many years have passed but

Having u in my thoughts bring me pain

And sometimes I feel I can’t make it through the night

And can’t hide it through my eyes

I can’t let go of u until

I see u one more time

I know is not possible and

My sorrows can’t bring u back

I feel that you were not the one who left me

I was the one who did

Without saying a last goodbye

I did say those painful words but

Thinking I was going to see you again

But like every human I was wrong

Now I make a promise that I would go back were you rest

To land where on we share happiness

And say goodbye for one last time

But never forget you

And with a tear in my eyes I will say goodbye

One last time

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